Some newspapers are still delivered to readers by truck. Today´s content is mostly transferred via Google and Facebook. New formats, new presentation of news: Traditional business models have to compete with fake news platforms and a flood of cat videos.

“Digital data communication integrated with right brain storytelling can deepen your audience connection.” Bob Kastner, Candeed Cue discussing GEN Summit 2017

Bob participated in the GEN Summit Vienna 2017, the Global Editors Meeting (GEN). Over 750 editors from around the globe discussed the introduction of digital technologies in the newsrooms. Which technologies are driving the change? The buzzwords: Artificial Intelligence (AI), robots, bots and mobile!

The question on the GEN Summit 2017

How to insert technology and data into the DNA of your content and organization. This focus on new technology also changes your storytelling. Data-driven stories have to bridge the gap between hard facts and the emotions of the audience.

“We are testing innovative formats introducing visual art to relevant storytelling. The artist world has an important voice in our social debates.”  Bob Kastner, Candeed Cue in discussion on GEN Summit 2017

How do we learn today as a community? Is democracy in danger? Never underestimate the emotional engagement of your audience. Of course feelings are the petri-dish of fake news. Nevertheless content has to be beautiful, surprising and creative to get awareness and acceptance.

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