image/svg+xml Quantum mechanics behaves against all our intuitive logic.Time and space are not developed.The principle of cause and effect is notapplicable. Artists move intuition closer tointellectual knowledge. Candeed Cue transforms science & technology into communicating formats. We produce visual and verbal narratives in co-creation with scientists and artists. Candeed Cue stands for science integrity and artists excellence. Contact us: +++ “Quantum Computers might be here sooner than you think.” [Bloomberg Markets June 14th 2017] +++ Surprising applications will be available from the entanglement of quantum technology and commerce. 2020 2025 Airline traffic logistics, factory optimisation, steering self-driving cars Logistics and scheduling High speed and high volume communication Quantum internet voice, image or handwriting recognition, efficient error correction Quantum computing andmachine learning Secure data transmission, quantum safe communication, towards post-quantum cryptography Cyber security and code breaking Efficient drug design, development of new battery chemistry,  sensitive sensors Simulation, sensing and material design Portfolio optimisation, risks assessment, Monte Carlo simulations Financial management 2018 2019 2021 2022 2023 2024 2026 2027 2028 2029 2030 2031 2032 2032 2033 1 slit 2 slits particles waves 1 slit 2 slits notobserved observed We shoot particles like marbles through one slit and they produce one band at the back wall. Particles fired through two slits produce a pattern of two bands at the back wall. Waves like water hit the wall with one slit. Behind the slit they radiate out and hit the back wall with maximum intensity in one location similar to marbles. Waves hit the wall with two slits. They radiate out and interfere. They hit the back wall with intensity in several locations and form more bands - an interference pattern. We shoot photons like the marbles through one slit and don't observe how they pass the slit. Photons form one band at the back wall. We shoot photons through two slits and don't observe them. Photons form an interference pattern like waves. We observe the photons, how they pass the two slits and they form two bands at the back wall. shield wall pattern Forecast Global Quantum Computing Market share (%) in 2024 per Region * Rest of the worldSource: Homeland Security Research 2017 World Ranking of Countries in Quantum Science and Technology Source: U.K. Government Office for Science (2016) and IDA – US Institute for Defense Analysis (2017) t Source: CIR Communications Industry Research 2018 and Market Research Future 2017 * Compound Annual Return (CAGR) is the average year-on-year growth rate of an investment over a number of years.