Candeed Cue is well connected with the contemporary art world. We explore creativity to inject science results into mainstream culture. Candeed Cue translates counterintuitive science into stimulating experience. We move intuition closer to intellectual understanding. In this ongoing exercise talented artists spark innovation, stretch imagination, touch emotions and connect.

Owen Chen

Hamid Hemat
Afghanistan, Kabul

Leah Lawless Smith
United States, Waxahachie

Javier Benitez Toyos
Spain, Madrid

Salma Headley-Blythe
United Kingdom, Milton Keynes

Hemant Rao
India, Bhopal

Cati Kern
Austria, Vienna

Dullah Wise
Tanzania, Zanzibar

Gift Dlamini
South Africa, Soweto

Fernando Rosa
Brazil, Curitiba

Jacqueline Comrie Garrido
Canada, Toronto

Mayur Munj

Sheeba Khan
United Arab Emirates, Dubai

Tatiana Sokolova
Lithuania, Ukmerge

Carloluigi Colombo
Italy, Riolo Terme

Anirban Sheth
India, Kolkata

Njabulo Zitha
South Africa, Tembisa

Susanne Zemrosser
Austria, Vienna

Mourad Anwar
Morocco, Casablanca

Macarena Lateülade
Argentina, Buenos Aires

Suhani Jain
India, Nagpur